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ORIGINAL SCORE - Paul E. Schneider

Hailing from the UK, our composer Paul E. Schneider, aka Bones of Ghosts, is an essential part of the final vision of "Talents." With his eclectic music taste and his background in hip-hop and electronic music, Schneider brought this cinematic world to life. His range is astounding, and the producers of "Talents" are thrilled to showcase his first feature length original score to date.

Below you can check out more of Schneider's original work and stay tuned for his upcoming collaborations with Indiana hip-hop artist Sirius Blvck.


Director Max Swanson has been a huge fan of Goodbye Kumiko since becoming friends with band member Michael Barron and was determined to have their sound in "Talents." Their first album, My Wild Arms, is an astounding debut.

Visit Goodbye Kumiko's BandCamp to hear some of the songs featured in "Talents" and purchase My Wild Arms!


Current Joys is the brain child of musician Nicholas Rattigan. His songs are a perfect fit for the emotionally charged and nostalgic moments in "Talents." Rattigan's careful songwriting and quiet melodies sneak up on you, staying with you long after they're over.

His album Me Oh My Mirror is heavily sampled in "Talents" and is available on Bandcamp.


Sirius Blvck is a sensation in his Indiana hometown, and the creators of "Talents" were eager to include his work in the show. With witty lyrics and deft production by "Talents" composer Paul E. Schneider, Sirius Blvck is an up and coming MC to keep on your radar.


In addition to being one of the funniest actors in the "Talents" ensemble, Rachel Birke also designed some of the artwork in the series and in the show's marketing campaign. She's an incredibly creative mind, and the "Talents" team is distinctly honored to share her solo music work. 


Charlyne Yi is best known for her roles in Judd Apatow's Knocked Up and the experimental romantic comedy Paper Heart (co-starring Michael Cera), but she is also a gifted musician, writer, and director. Her haunting and utterly beautiful song "Reincarnation" plays a crucial recurring role in this season of "Talents."


Before co-producing "Talents," Roxy Campos co-founded the music collective Stumble on Tapes with her partner in crime, Melissa Ramirez, and they've been helping up and coming LA bands make waves for years. Working with musicians like Current Joys, Charlyne Yi, and many other local bands, they spotlight the best in indie music and have been a part of the "Talents" family from day one.