a digital series

A darkly comedic series

about the employees of a dying art house movie theatre,

all in search of love, purpose and connection.


Max Brenner has been working at Playhouse Cinemas for longer than he'd care to admit. He's in a stable relationship and is currently tinkering with his long-gestating passion project—a short film whose subject has escaped him— but his employment at the theatre, and the frustration it has caused him, remain a constant.

Working alongside him is Gunner Dawson, a naive, optimistic man whose heart is reeling from a nasty divorce, but who will nevertheless not be discouraged.

Max's relationship with his former best friend Chas, a once-promising child actor whose future vanished into a haze of pot smoke, is also at a crossroads.

And then there's Emilie, the mysterious girl he keeps seeing on the subway during his daily commute.

Over the course of ten episodes, these four interrelated characters search for love, purpose and connection all against a version of LA you don't often see in films or television. It's a changing city. Digital photography has replaced film, and, although many of the characters are holding on to tragedies and milestones from their pasts, it would appear that the world has moved on without them.

Their fumbling quest for meaning in the world is emblematic of the myth-making in our own lives: how we view our own small problems as life-changing events, and how we often see ourselves as "the star of our own movie."

"Talents" is the story of love lost and found again, the power of dreams, and coming of age, no matter how old you are.


"Talents" was borne out of co-writer/director Max Swanson's adolescent experiences working in multiple theatres. He originally planned the project as a feature, but when co-writer Nicholas Laskin came on board, they reimagined the idea as an original series.

After many drafts and attempts to get it out into the world, they decided to make it themselves.

Taking to Kickstarter in late 2013, they successfully funded the $20,000 project in half the time allotted for their 30 day campaign.

In early 2014, with a full cast and crew, "Talents" became a reality.

Now in 2015, the series is ready for release with the help of an outstanding ensemble cast and a dedicated and passionate crew.

All 10 episodes will finally be available to stream Friday, September 18th!